How to Teach Chirality in Grammar Schools

The thing is about Chirality, is that it’s far from a simple concept. Any object that is different from its reflection is called chiral, and it’s especially important in medical experimentation, where molecules that have chiral properties can cause unheard of effects if not tested properly in advance.

What is a Grammar School?

A grammar school is a state run selective secondary school that requires students to pass an entrance exam called the 11 plus to be accepted, taken at the age of 11. (Source:

There has been much debate in the UK about whether or not Grammar Schools are a good idea, as many believe it will lead to greater separation between classes.

How could Chirality be taught better in Grammar Schools?

They could use 2D models of Chirality, and use concepts that children use everyday, such as the left hand and right hand reflection model of teaching chirality.

You could also slim the concept down a bit, especially for those who have just come up to the grammar school, helping them to understand the process a little better by using simple terms, before you start addressing the chemistry behind the concept, helping them to become familiar with the theory before being overwhelmed with the practical application of it all.

You can follow our tutorials to learn more about what you can do with the concept of chirality.

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