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Rattan Conservatory Furniture

About This New Rattan Garden Furniture There is a new type of outdoor furniture in town, and it’s called “rattan” but not what you might expect that to mean! Over the 19th Century, the natural form of rattan became very popular (often referred to as Cane furniture) but during the 21st Century there has been…

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How to Teach Chirality in Grammar Schools

The thing is about Chirality, is that it’s far from a simple concept. Any object that is different from its reflection is called chiral, and it’s especially important in medical experimentation, where molecules that have chiral properties can cause unheard of effects if not tested properly in advance. What is a Grammar School? A grammar…

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How the Molecules found in Leather Bags are Paving the Way in Chemistry

While complete, fifty percent as well as quarter-bound leather quantities are commonplace in collections as well as on book conservator’s benches, natural leather also plays a role in other functions of publication building where strength and adaptability are wanted. Natural leather is an organic material which is formed by chemically changing pet hides at the…

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